Thursday Fade Away

Do you ever wake up feeling great, only to feel yourself fade as the minutes pass? I'm having one of those days. There's a meme somewhere called, Stay in Bed Thursday, and if I hadn't been in bed all last week with the flu, I'd join them today.

This phenomenon is something I've always called my Libra Lazies. I have loads of energy, which I love to expend in any number of ways, but then there are those days when dynamite couldn't blast my ass out of this chair. I'm sure my fellow Libra readers can relate...

Today, I'll be working on Lynette's book, So Faithful A Heart. I've never been much of a collaborator, whether writing words or songs, but she and I are a winning team in everything we do, so this is easy. I don't even know how to write a book with someone, but we fell quite naturally into a methode that's working quite well. I just didn't get anything done last week, so I really have to dedicate some time to it before the weekend; I know that she has plans to spend it writing.

Couch Park
I don't know if you heard about this, but Oprah Winfrey sponsored a free chicken dinner from KFC (the coupons are no longer downloadable/printable, but existing ones are still redeemable), so Nettl and I used our two coupons and took our meal out to Couch Park. It was beautiful out there. It was sunny and clear and temperature was about 81°. The last two weeks of rain has made everything lush and green and it was really nice being outside. The meal was decent too: two pieces of roast chicken, two sides, and a large drink. I hope some people printed those things out and distributed them amongst the homeless. I'm not an Oprah fan, but this was pretty cool of her.