Bad English #2

  • There is no U in similar. It’s pronounced sim-i-lar, not sim-u-lar.
  • Similarly, there is no second U in nuclear. It’s pronounced nu-cle-ar, not nu-cu-lar.
  • One would like to remind our country’s highest leader of this.
  • There is no LA in REALTOR. It’s pronounced re-al-tor, not re-la-tor. Likewise, it’s REAL estate, not RE-la-state.
  • The word, jewelry is pronounced jew-el-ry, not jew-ler-y.
  • The word, ask is not pronounced ax.
  • Ca-val-ry is a military term whereas Cal-va-ry is religious. The Calvary did not charge the fort any more than Jesus died at cavalry.
  • Eyes become di-la-ted, not di-a-la-ted.
  • We do not have a ways to go, we have a way to go.
  • And while you’re on your way, go to Ti-jua-na, not Ti-a-jua-na.
  • A beautifully shaped woman is vo-lup-tu-ous, not vo-lump-tu-ous.
  • We sup-pos-ed-ly know our native language, not sup-pos-ab-ly.
  • I like sher-bet, not sher-bert.
  • Punctuation is a whole other issue, not a whole nother one.
  • I put may-on-naise on my sandwiches, not man-naise.
  • The color, mauve is pronounced mowve, not mawve or mu-awve.
  • A child is mis-chie-vous, not mis-chie-vi-ous.
  • It’s regardless, not irregardless.
  • Coffeehouses sell espresso, not expresso.
  • That silver sticky stuff is duct tape, not duck tape.
  • One goes a-cross the street, not a-crost.
  • The man had a heart at-tack, not a heart at-tact.
  • You couldn’t care less, not could care less.
  • You have another think coming, not another thing.


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