A Big Bowl of Relief

I just want to say that our kids are good eggs. Actually, they're effin' great! Since we hit on such hard times, they've come through for us on several occasions. At different times, Heather has taken care of utility bills (not to mention ordering pizza or Chinese take-away), Joel has paid the rent and bought groceries, Micah has bought both groceries and wine, and when she was still at home, Lauren helped out, too. Our kids know that being a family means working together through the hard times and celebrating the bounty in the good. Nettl and I couldn't possibly be prouder.

I won't lie, it's been a scary week. I've had no work for two months, so there were no meals in the house. I went out last night and bought a bag of navy beans for $2.00 and two boxes of cornbread mix for 72¢. I had a total of $3.76 in my wallet. Of course, soup being my forte, I made up a killer pot of beans and a pan of honey cornbread, which I make even when we're not broke. Amazing, feeding five adults for under $3.00. And there's leftovers!

Tonight, Micah took me out and bought groceries for the week, as well as some wine. Earlier in the afternoon, I got a check from the university for a site I'm to work on over the summer. What a relief! Where last night I was on the brink of absolute despair, tonight the bills are paid and the fridge and pantry are stocked. I'll sleep tonight.

Monday is our 8th anniversary. On May 25th, 2001, Nettl and I exchanged vows at College Hill Presbyterian Church in Tulsa before our friends and family. Because Monday is Memorial Day, we're going out tomorrow night to celebrate. We've never been able to do this before, but thanks to a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, we'll be going to Zannotti's Wine Bar, a place we love, but usually can't afford. We're feeling like a couple of kids going on a first date!

We know this lean time won't last forever, and we know that there are many, many families across America that are in a lot worse situations than we are, so we try to keep our spirits and humor up -- our family and friends are what keep us going. We love you.


  1. I just rumbled on, a long comment,
    then I mistakenly clicked the OpenID button - all gone.

    So, congratulations and warm thoughts and hugs,

    I am off to the farmer's market!

  2. So pleased you had a bit of sunshine in your life!

  3. Being an imaginative cook is a great gift..I bet that was good soup..right up my alley..Do you remember the old story of Nail Soup? Something from nothing...
    Good luck and much joy!!

  4. I am glad your pantry is full and VERY glad you are going out tonight!


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