Forever Noon

Maybe it's because I was born at straight-up noon, or maybe it's because my eyesight is deteriorating on me. Every morning when I wake up, I think the clock reads noon. It doesn't matter what the actual time is, my brain sees 12 o'clock...

This morning I woke up, looked at the clock, and saw that it was noon.

"Shit!" I said aloud. "Nettl will be home any minute and here I am still in bed."

It wasn't until I was downstairs and halfway through my morning coffee-making ritual that I saw it was only 8:45.

Weird crap happens to you when you get over 50.

P.S. Have you noticed that in the Followers widget we can now select a transparent border?


  1. Learn to set that VCR clock once and for all. Poof! 12:00 will only come around twice a day again. ;)

  2. When you talk about feeling guilty for still being in bed when Nettl comes home, I think about when I used to be up all night a lot and I would end up still being up when Jim got up to go to work. I always felt guilty about that and would try to make a point of getting into bed a half hour before his alarm was set to go. He didn't care any more about my still being up than Nettl cares about you still being in bed, but it still bothered me.

  3. That's exactly what I do! I sneak into bed as if I've been out all night in a bar!

  4. Remember the time that you did "sneak" out to go to the bar and when you came back I was still asleep. When you confessed what you did, my reply was, "So why would I get mad about that?"


  5. I know! I felt cheated. There I was being so "sneaky" and then worrying the whole time I drank my one beer, and then I came home and you hadn't moved a muscle! I haven't done that since. No need to! That was back when we were new and I was still reverberating from my controlling, dominating ex.

  6. I was always throwing you curves like that. :)

  7. That clock would give me a heart attack every morning! :-)

    Seriously, I wished I could sleep in on weekends, but no, *ding* it chimes in my head at ungodly hours like 5 or 6am! And there I am, out of bed and making myself tea five minutes later because I am hellwach - as alert as one can be. *drats*


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