It's the Cat's Fault

Nearly every morning the cat and I have a showdown of sorts. When I wake up, I like to stumble to my bedroom wingback, which is my office, to read your blogs and jumpstart the day with my coffee. But nearly every morning the cat has claimed her spot in my chair, so I bring my laptop and coffee back to bed, where I feel like a lazy bum who doesn't get out of bed until noon. Then Nettl comes home for lunch, which only adds to my sense of guilt...

Sure, I could simply move the cat, and sometimes I do, but she just looks so damned cute lying there sound asleep with one paw over her eyes. (The picture is of her in Nettl's chair a few months ago. I was going to take one of her in mine, but the camera needed to be recharged.) She has her rights, too, and who am I to move her when she's sleeping so well?

So here I am still in bed at noon. Netl will be home soon and I'll feel the need to say, "I've been up for a while, I just couldn't bear to move that damned cat!" Of course, Nettl wouldn't mind if I was still sleeping when she comes home at 5:30. In fact, instead of thinking, "What a lazy ass!" she'd be thinking, "Oh, I hope my poor Liebchen isn't sick again!"

But I promise. Just as soon as I finish this cup of coffee, I'm getting up, taking a shower, and getting dressed. The crap I put myself through...