Summer Must Be Near

Every year at this time, I get the itch to lighten up the color schemes around me: my blog, the dining table, and my desktop, to name only three. Last night, I changed my desktop to this, from the simple black with a neon OM symbol that had adorned my laptop. I don't think this stuff is worth sharing most of the time, but this piece of digital art typifies me in the warmer months so well that I had to share it.

If money were no object, this is the kind of thing I would waste it on. I'd go to some tropical locale and rent a pilot to drop me off on a deserted cay, along with a lawn chair, a hammock, my guitar, and a day's supply of food and drink. Come pick me up at 6:00, please.

Who needs cruise ships or yachts?

(Image enlarges when clicked. Harvested from


  1. Hear, hear!! Except for me, it would be a mountain meadow full of wildflowers.

    Why stay only until 6:00 pm, though? Take a week! haha

  2. Sand crabs & tarantulas late at night...


  3. And a lady back home who wants her sweetie back before dark. ;-)

  4. I wouldn't mine hitching a ride in that Grumman Albatross thats in the background.
    :- )

  5. That pilot just dropped me off..move over, please!

  6. Don't forget the high factor sun creme on that desert island!


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