Lasting Change

There have only been a few times in my life when I knew that some change I'd made was a true and lasting one. One was when I decided to go back to school at the age of 35 to earn a degree in music. The giveaway is when I hear myself thinking, "I'm dead bored with myself. I need a serious change."...


Scary Monsters that Come Out at Night

Just a reminder: I’m not one of those author bloggers who will share only pretty, comfortable stories with you. At the very outset of creating this blog, I promised not to blow sunshine up your kilt and share with you only the good and edifying things that go into being a modern Indy author. My purpose is not to make myself look well put together like some beacon for you to follow in your own journey as a writer, it is to help you feel less alone as you find your way through the same labyrinth that I’m lost in. Sharing breadcrumbs, if you will...


The Best Laid Plans

In just an hour or so Lynette, Lauren, and Heather will be leaving to drive to Memphis together. Lauren has been spending the summer here and is now moving on to New York City, where she will attend NYU as a grad student. The girls' dad lives in Memphis, so he will be taking her on to New York. The other two will return on Sunday evening...