It Effin' Did it Again!

Hey, are there any Car Guys out there in my bloghood? We're having a pretty severe thunderstorm, so 30 minutes ago I went outside to move the plants. While I was admiring the lightening, I saw that the windows of the van were down, so I went to close them. The doors were locked, so I reached inside to unlock the passenger side and the alarm system went off...

Do you know how annoying alarm systems are? Does anyone ever come out to save someone's car when they hear an alarm system honk-honk-honking? No. Nettl and I tried everything to make it stop, but nothing worked (the little keyring dealybobber quit working a long time ago). Finally, after 10 minutes of annoying the neighbors and of us having nervous breakdowns, the system shut it down. And the car as well. Now the car won't start. That's what it did before, and we couldn't use the car for nearly a year. There's no trip switch anywhere to override the security shut-down.

We have this one car. Nettl uses it to drive herself and Heather to work every day. Does anyone know how we can turn the car back on? I've looked up the car on the web, but there's no info on it anywhere.

As if this wasn't enough, Nettl just got a phone call saying that her grandmother just died.
Nettl just read that the security system shuts off the fuel pump after 10 minutes of honking. Well, great. Now, how do we turn it back on?

UPDATE 10:34 PM:
Got it fixed! I found a page on the web that addressed turning off the alarm (put key in door, turn left, then right), so Nettl went out and tried it. There was no indication that it should work on our problem (which the online manual didn't mention), but it worked! Of course, what really fixed it was the "Middle Fingers Dance" that we do together whenever we get good and pissed off, and can't take it anymore. It works every time. Try it. It goes like this:

(To the tune of the Blue Danube Waltz):

Why don't you fuck off?
(mouth fart, mouth fart)
Why don't fuck off?
(mouth fart, mouth fart)
Repeat, etc.

On the mouth farts, dance your middle fingers (hands faced down): Left-left, right-right.


  1. I'm sorry for Nettl's loss.

    You probably figured this out already, but the way to stop a car alarm is to start the car. Forget the key ring dealybobber.

    I suspect (and I think I heard the Car Talk guys say this) you will need to contact the dealer to reset the system. But I'm not sure if that involves them having access to the car or just the key.

    I think you're pretty much screwed for tomorrow.

  2. I tried to start the car while it was honking, but it wouldn't start. It shuts off the fuel pump.

    I don't think we have a dealer anywhere near here.



  4. Necessity was ever the mother of invention, eh? Or do I mean trial and error - emphasis being on the TRIAL!

  5. Wow - I bet Strauss would love that innovative use of his composition.

  6. seems like i have a new dance to try out.

  7. Fixed it! woo hoo!

    Whats the secret? or are you gonna start stealing cars?

  8. Google knows all. I'd be lost on a daily basis without it.

    So sorry for your loss, Nettl.

  9. I'll keep this little ditty in mind next time I need something fixed. I'm sure that's what did it.

  10. I like the Middle Finger Dance, I would have been tempted to use it myself.


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