Against the Wind

I got a lot of work done on Chaper Four last night, editing, rewriting, and fleshing it out. The chapter was 13 pages long. Right in the middle of page 12, Word crashed on me. I didn't panic though because I have the autosave set to do its thing every five minutes. I started looking for the temp file, but it was nowhere to be found. Growing increasingly frustrated, I went online to find out what I might do. Apparently, Word 2003 has issues with the autosave function. Nothing saved...

At that point I knew I had two options. It was two in the morning. I could just close it down and start over again today, probably forgetting everything I'd written, or I could buck up and just start over. You know how that feels. The last thing you want to do in that situation is start over, but that's what I did.

It actually came out better. I learned this lesson many years ago when my Commodore 128 crashed, losing the three chapters I'd just spent all day writing (I was new to computers and didn't know to save at the end of every page. Last night's situation wasn't nearly as bad as that.

Sometimes, you just have to turn against the wind and get through it.