An Easy Sunday

This has been a really nice day. I awoke after a great night’s sleep, then enjoyed my coffee in the living room whilst working the Sunday crossword as Nettl and the girls talked and looked through the paper’s inserts in front of our fireplace. Well, it’s not really a fireplace. It looks like one, but upon very close inspection it reveals itself as a “special effects” fireplace, completely electric, with flames made by rotating lights…or something. Joel calls it the Disney fireplace because it looks like the fire in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I call it the Disco Ball fireplace because in about 15  years it will go the way of those Venus drip lamps of the 1970s...



I thought that once we got moved in and life got back to normal I’d quit being tired. No, not tired, dragged out. I haven’t had a lick of energy for a week now and all I want to do is watch telly and nap. Today has been the worst day. I have a headache, my blood pressure is up, and my heart is fluttering. It feels like I have a bird in my chest. I wonder if it’s my new prescription of Wellbutrin, or maybe just let-down, or maybe it could be old-fashioned middle-age. Ah well....


What's Your Lexicon?

I got this idea from my Bnet friend, KJ, who got it from someone else, etc. Share your own lexicon or that of another (like a celebrity or politician, perhaps). I’ll start...


Back in the Saddle

Now that the move is over and things are beginning to get back to normal, I think I’ll be able to return to this blog and actually post something that might be worth reading. I’m over writing about the move and I’m sure you’re tired of reading about it, but I do have to say a few things about the new house and how our lives have been changed. I won’t play the false humility card. The truth is, we’ve moved up. We’ve worked hard for this, and at my age, I’m ready to have something I can be proud of.

I’m not materialistic in the least, but I am a Libra and we children of Venus do like beautiful environments because of the peace they bring to our souls. This house fulfills that for me. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of houses that are more opulent and larger than this one, but I’m perfectly satisfied to end out my days here. I’ve been yearning to put down roots and this is the place. The house is large (nearly 3000 square feet), but not so large that it will overwhelm us when the kids are all on their own. It’s beautiful and has more amenities than I can name, but it’s not extravagant.

The greatest thing is that everyone finally has their own space. The girls share a room, my mother has the downstairs master suite, Nathan has a room, Joel has a room, and Nettl and I have the upstairs master suite that’s large enough to double as a movie theater on our family movie nights and intimate enough to be a place where we can shut out the world and the demands of a large family when we need to. All we need now is furniture to fill up all this empty space. We’re taking our time, saving for really nice pieces. We refuse to settle for less that what we really want, even if that means waiting a while. For instance, my current desk (which is in a dormer in our bedroom) is nothing but an old Sauder desk top spanning two black metal filing cabinets. What I want is a writing desk made by Broyhill. So we’ll save for it, and meantime my current setup will have to do. Hell, I’ve been using this for four years, what’s one or two more?

Now, we have living spaces large enough for of family of seven, and we no longer feel like we’re on top of each other. That alone has been one of the greatest pluses about this move. And being the family chef, I really love the new kitchen. Too, my mother has never lived in a house as nice as this one and I’m very happy to know she will live out the rest of her life in comfort.

I’ll take some pictures tomorrow (we finally found my digital camera). But now, I’m going to bed. We’re moved in, but I still spend a good part of my day unpacking, arranging and organizing, and I’m tired.