A New Dawn

Throughout my life people have tried to destroy my innate joy. It's gotten a little close sometimes, but I always bounced back and usually higher than from where they found me. I am living proof that no matter what your circumstances are, you can be happy. It's a choice, not a condition. Don't be helpless; prove those circumstances wrong by choosing to be happy.

Happy Easter, everyone! This day marks a new beginning in our lives, a fresh start. Let's make our lives what we wish them to be, and let's start from within!


All I See is Black

Every now and then I have a dream in which everything conforms to one idea. Back in the 1970s, for instance, I had a dream in which everything in it started with the letter C. Carrots, caps, China, etc. Last night I dreamed of black...


Pull Weeds, Walk Dog

I've spent the past week weeding through all of the posts I've written since I started this blog in 2002, and I think I deleted nearly 200 of them. Those that went were either boring, no longer pertinent, or just plain embarrassing...