Just Ask Me #1 - Tiffany

In response to Tiffany’s questions:

1) Who’s least irritating: John Tesh, David Hasselhoff, or Yanni?
You’re asking a classical composer this? This is a thought-provoking question. Tesh is a Born-Again, so he’s right out, except that at least he’s musically literate. Haven’t heard very much of Hasselhoff, but he does speak (and sing) in German. Yanni was ok as long as Linda Evans was standing next to him. But then, I can’t stand to watch him do that stupid Malibu Barbie hair-flipping motion. My score?
  • Tesh - Positive mark: Can actually write music on paper. Negative mark(s): Born-Again, looks like Dudley Do-right, writes early 21st century “Up With People” hack music.
  • Hasselhoff - Positive mark(s): Fluent in German, has a good voice. Negative mark(s): Plastic “Gone Hollywood” image, probably waxes and tans his vocal chords, sings quasi-disco hack music.
  • Yawn!i - Positive mark: Linda Evans. Negative mark(s): Dumped by Linda Evans, Malibu Barbie hair-flip, mental mind massage hack music.
My Choice for LEAST irritating musical hack: Andrew Lloyd Weber.

2) Which book do you believe should never ever (ever, ever, ever!) be made into a motion picture?
The History of Door Hinges by Rusty Skroux. No, seriously, Elective Affinities by Goethe (oh no…I’m seeing visions of Merchant-Ivory (or Kenneth Branaugh) getting hold of this one!).

3) What’s the corniest pick-up line you recall using?
In a bar, to a woman wearing a T-shirt with my first name on the front (it was some rock singer’s name, not specifically mine): “Did you know you have my autograph on your chest?” Corny, but it worked. We were together for four years.


Just Ask Me

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Where's My Xanax?

Over the past week I’ve watched myself go from blissful to panicked, enraged to submissive, energized to depleted, and shaky to strong. Why? In an emergency two-second decision Nettl and I took custody of the kids. My once quiet haven of incense, bubbling fountains, and Mozart andantes has, literally overnight, turned into a video arcade, movie theater, co-ed scout camp, emotional service station, psychiatric couch, telephone exchange, and a vast field of pre-adolescent hormonal land mines...


What, No Relish?

“Simply a hot dog” with mustard on a roll. It’s not surprising that the wife of our late president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, should have served this popular American sandwich at their Hyde Park picnic for the King and Queen of England. It’s her favorite for all her picnics...


Page 23 Revisited

  1. Grab the nearest book
  2. Open the book to page 23
  3. Find the fifth sentence
  4. Post the text of the sentence on your blog

“To hell with posterity!”
Henry Miller Interview, 1962, from
Conversations With Henry Miller

by Frank L. Kersnowski & Alice Hughes


Just Ask Me #2 - Chocomoose

In response to Chocomoose’s questions:

1) What would you do with the rest of your life if you were immortal?
I’d be a whole lot gentler and more patient with myself about achieving my life goals.

2) If you had to live without either chocolate (or you other favorite vice if chocolate is not your bag) or wine, which would you give up, and why?

3) If you won the lottery, who would be the first, and who would be the last person you would tell?
I’d tell Nettl first. Last would be my brother and his wife.