Out of Bed!

My Norfolk Island Pine isn't looking at all well. It was full and healthy until last Christmas, but I don't know what happened to change that. Because I'm feeling well today (and sensing a bit of cabin fever after four days in bed), I'm going out in a little bit to get some new potting soil. I'm taking the tree outside, removing it from its pot, shaking out its roots and repotting it. From what I've read, these trees like to be repotted every three to four years. Don't we all...

Anyway, both Nettl and I are back from the flu. Fortunately, hers lasted only one day. I'm a little weak; over the past four days I've only had a little rice pudding, four pieces of toast (not at one sitting), a cup of beef broth, a cup of peaches (oof... that was a mistake), and a boiled egg. I still have no appetite, but that'll come. Thanks to all of you for your well-wishes and thoughts, and especially to Nettl for taking such good care of me.

Our landlord replaced our fridge yesterday (it died at last). We finally have an ice maker that works!