I Thought I'd Forgotten How to Enjoy It!

It has been so long since I sat down at the piano just to play. Not to compose, not to practice the Hanon Scales, not to struggle and sweat over new pieces. Today, I actually sat down, opened up a sonata book and played some Beethoven and Mozart just for the hell of it. I was surprised, really. I played as badly as I ever have...


OSU Homecoming

Living in a university town, one quickly grows acclimated to the rhythm of the seasons. I’m not speaking of the earth’s seasons, but of the academic seasons...


Welcome to the Beat Cafe

I just had a nice online chat with our friend, George, who has recently relocated to Charleston. I’m suddenly reminded that I neglected to tell you about the CD I received in the mail from him and Noelle last Friday. It was a birthday gift. Do my friends know me, or what? The CD is Donovan’s latest, Beat Cafe...