You Come to a Wall...

Many years ago when my friends and I were at the age when most young people develop an interest in the workings of their sub-conscious, we used to give people we met a little psychology test. I think it was Deni who first introduced it to me while we were on our way to the Santa Barbara Bowl in 1969 to see Donovan in concert...


Springy Bullets

Ah, spring! That time of year when you take the blanket off the bed because it's been 80° all day, only to freeze at night because the temperature drops to 35°. When you hope for one more year that the tornadoes will pass you by. When you never know what to wear because it can be either raining, snowing, or steaming. When you go through a box of Kleenex a day. When you take with you a jacket, a coat, an umbrella, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops, Wellies, and antihistamine every time you leave the house. You get the idea...


A Moment in Time

There are moments we remember forever.
I'm happy this one was captured
at the Boomarang Diner.


Return to Normal, Whatever That is

Life around here is finally getting back to normal, it seems. It has taken seven and-a-half months of Life with Nigel but, outside of picking up plush toy stuffing, acting as referee between him and the cat, and taking him out on four potty trips each day, my days are balancing themselves out...


Peggy Moffitt: When Fashion Meets Theater

The 1960s saw the advent of the Supermodel. There was the elegant Jean Shrimpton, the baby-faced, ethereal Pattie Boyd, the striking Veruschka, the oddly doll-like Penelope Tree, the wholesome Cheryl Tiegs, and the gamine Twiggy. Fan and fashion magazines were full of photographs of these young women who, each in her own unique way, typified the decade, giving it iconic looks that remain half a century later. But there was one young woman whose looks and style lifted her out of mere fashion and into what, in retrospect, can only be called performance art. This was L.A. born Peggy Moffitt...