Because I'm basically an androgyne*, I slip easily between what is traditionally thought of as feminine and masculine, but because I've had two children, Mothers Day is one day when I feel the female energy in me more than any other.

I've had my turn at being Maiden, and I've survived the Mother phase. Now, I'm entering the Crone phase and I have to admit that it suits me best. I've already dedicated a fair amount of time on this blog to the changes and benefits of getting older, so I won't repeat myself. Let it just be said that today, I'm happy to be older. The angst of being young and wondering when, and if, true love will come to me is something I really don't want to relive, and although I loved being a young mother, there is a sense of relief and accomplishment now that my boys are grown. Now, I await grandchildren, if that happens. Meanwhile, just being older is wonderful!

I think that the fact that I don't play the traditional "mom" role around here is confusing for the kids. Nettl's kids bring me my coffee and give me a kiss, but I think my sons are uncomfortable, not knowing what I need on this day. It doesn't take much though. A hug and "Thank you" are always nice, and go a l-o-n-g way with me.

I do have something to say about this painting, however. Why do the maiden and crone look so forlorn while the mother looks fulfilled and happy? There is fulfillment and happiness that come with each of the phases, after all.

If I have anything to say about Mothers Day, it's this: I am honored to have been given my sons through my body, and my daughters and third son through Lynette's body. I have been doubly blessed.

Happy Mothers Day.


*An androgyne, in terms of gender identity, is a person who does not fit cleanly into the typical masculine and feminine gender roles of their society. They may also use the term ambigender to describe themselves. Many androgynes identify as being mentally "between" woman and man, or as entirely genderless. They may class themselves as non-gendered, genderneutral, agendered, between genders, intergendered, or bigendered.


  1. I love this post!!!! I love it's honesty!!!!!

  2. Oh, I hope your Mother's Day was lovely. <3 So glad to see another androgyne hanging around. ^_^


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