What's the Big Deal About Aging?

We live in a society that fears aging. That's not news. It's not just a fear, though. It has become a clinical phobia that regularly results in discrimination of all sorts and styles: denial, neglect, abuse, disregard, lack of respect, denigration and out-and-out violence. We abhor it. We tell ourselves it will never happen to us. We've created an "ick" factor around it. But in the end, no matter what we do or how much money we spend, it happens...


Things Are Changing

This has nothing to do with New Year resolutions, but I wanted to save it for my first real entry of 2013. After keeping this blog for 10 years, it's time to change things a bit. After all, everything around and in me has changed considerably through the decade; I think it's only fitting that my personal expression on the web should change, too.

When I first discovered blogging it excited me so much because I had already grown bored with "static" websites that seldom, if ever, changed. I knew something new was afoot and I'd already grown bored with website guest books and discussion boards, so I began to look into things. I loved what I found and I launched this blog. At first, I managed it through FrontPage, then I found Wordpress and, later, Blogger. Many of you have been with me through all of my myriad design changes, which was kind of fun, I think. I've never been afraid of change. In fact, I require it...