What Dumbass Holiday is Your Birthday On?

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Oh, come on. It’ll be fun.

My birthday is on September 24, Festival Of Latest Novelties.


The Party to End All Parties

Ville’s annual Halloween party was last Saturday night, and I have to admit that she and Beau did a bang-up job this year. I went as Andy Warhol and brought a picture frame for people to pose with. Turned out to be a great prop!

From left to right:
Nettl as a Pirate Queen
Beau as a Samurai
Ville as Wilma Flintstone
Lashell as a White Trash Housewife
Heather as a Pirate Princess
Lauren as a Flapper
Jacey as the Karate Kid with Mika as Hunter S. Thompson
Myself as Andy Warhol
Joel as Emperor Palpatine
Allen as a Priest


If Today Were a Template

If I could feel the way I do today most of the time, I would have nothing to beef about. Smack in the middle of the month, my TSH levels are perfect. It’ll be downhill from here for the rest of the month, but I’m not going to think about that. Today, I’m energetic, busy, creative, cheerful, and purposeful, and I’m going to enjoy it. I do think I’ll get some ginko when I go to the store though. Can’t hurt.

So, in a real celebrity arm-wrestling contest, who do you know you could beat? With how I’m feeling today, I could beat Randy Quaid. Yeah, really. I could take him down. Just sayin’.


Wine Swilling

This evening Nettl and I went to an outdoor winetasting event that was held by Cork’s Wines & Spirits in Fountain Square. The purpose of the event was to introduce the new store to the wine-swilling community, and the best part is that it was completely free. The also-new Pass Your Plate served soups, but as I had been cooking a hearty pot of split pea soup all day and the house smelled yummy, we decided not to eat until we returned home. Music was performed by the Stillwater Improv Trio and the High School Wind Ensemble. The event also featured an art walk with artists stationed around the square...

Friday the 13th

I’m not a superstitious person and Friday the 13th means nothing to me in the way that it does to many of the people in our western culture. But today started out NAR! The worst of it is due to a run-in with my computer; I have lost every. piece. of. email. I’ve. gotten. for. the. past. two. years. Well, the email that came to my Outlook Express, that is. Which was my most important account. That’s it for me. I’m using my Gmail account and nothing else from now on.


Nine October

Dead Fishy

Seems poor little Jet wasn’t destined to make it. He was a cool little pal, staying up with me all those late nights as I worked on websites. He recognized my voice and even swam up to allow his fins to touch my finger. RIP Jet.


Immortality Is Wasted On The Immortal

Reading historical fiction always leaves me in a weird head. I feel melancholy, futile, inspired, and restless, simultaneously. Reading about the day-to-day lives of actual people always reminds me that we’re very temporary here, that one day, soon enough, we’ll all be gone and there will be an entirely new crop of people, perhaps even reading historical fictions about some of us. That we spend our precious, brief time fretting and strutting upon our little stages like everyone who has ever lived has done. And whenever I try to write about it, it always sounds so trite...