10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Never get excited about anything. It jinxes it. Every damned time.
2. Never spend two weeks cleaning, decorating, buying and preparing for something you’re looking forward to.
3. Never break a toe while preparing for something you’re looking forward to and then ignore it.
4. Never allow the landlord to mow the entire neighborhood on your behalf after mowing season is over.
5. Never tell your friends about something that’s going to happen until it has already happened.
6. Never answer the phone when your gut tells you it’s bad news.
7. Never eat half a block of Munster cheese when you’re depressed.
8. If you experience a bitter disappointment, make sure you have plenty of wine in the fridge.
9. Remember that after you’ve taken a few long naps and drunk a few glasses of wine things will look a bit better and you’ll realize that because what you’d been looking forward to didn’t happen when it was supposed to, you can now look forward to it all over again.
10. Breathe.


Autumn's Advent

This is the perfect time of year. I can drink wine on the front porch in the evenings without getting tortured by mosquitoes, and I can enjoy my morning coffee on the lanai without sweltering. Of course, in a few weeks It’ll be too cold to sit outside, but I enjoy winter, too... from the comfort of a window as I look out at the snow. I’m especially looking forward to this year’s first snow. Our bedroom bay window has a built-in window seat and overlooks some rolling ranch land pastures that remind me a lot of England...