The Need to Get Away

I've been checking out a tiny resort in Roatán, Honduras. I first saw it on HGTV's House Hunters, on an edition in which a young couple with two small children left Idaho to buy a resort named Bananarama. All it took for me to want to go there was a shot of a tiny garden cabana with a hammock tied up on the front porch...

A little Googling revealed photos of a tropical setting, smiling people, and azure blue water gently lapping onto a pristine white sand beach. In checking out the prices, I found that it's ridiculously cheap to stay there. In fact, getting there would be the biggest expense.

Roatán is the largest of the Honduras Bay islands, about 37 miles long and 5 miles across at its widest point. Bananarama, located on West Bay Beach, consists of 6 private cabanas and 19 rooms and suites of varying sizes. It also has a dive shop, a small restaurant and wine cellar, and a beachside bar called, The Thirsty Turtle Bar & Grill, which is only 100ft. down a sandy path from the cabanas.

Most people go there to for the diving, but if I could go, I'd be happy to lay in my porch hammock and spend the week in lazy contemplation and just being. I used to go camping alone at Wheeler Gorge, in Ojai when life got too congested and I too careworn. I spent the days napping on a broad rock in the middle of the creek and the nights by my fire, playing my guitar and looking up at the night sky. By Sunday afternoon I was a new person, ready to get back into the fracas of work, school, and parenting with a better attitude and more resiliancy. Bananarama is my new fixation and the price could be tantalizingly do-able once we're out of this money hellbeast of a house. But, as I mentioned, the air fare would be the real consideration.

Of course, I'd never take a week away alone until after Nettl and I could take a trip together to some place she would like. She needs a break too, after all; her hell job is a lot worse than what I experience in my day-to-day. She'd really like to go to London, so after we can afford a trip like that, I'll start saving for Banarama!

My cabana of choice, Cabana #2. Mini fridge, microwave, coffee pot, drinking water, air conditioning, ceiling fan, private bath with shower, TV & internet, private porch with chairs and hammock, breakfast included, room service from the bar$300 a week. Picture me in the hammock ordering Coronas with lime!

Good news on the Mozartiana front: There's an exhibition in Milan coming up. Keep your fingers crossed that people are in the mood to buy. Bananarama could be closer than I think!


  1. wow.. i would LOVE to go there...its so not the "typical" vacation spot it would be right up my alley

  2. Hell I'm thinking about starting a bidding war over Cabana 2...

    Especially after this morning! GAH!

    Tell everyone I said hi!


  3. If I can find a buddy to dive with can I tag along on your "romantic" getaway? (How bad are the other cabanas? REALLY) I gotta get outta here... things went from bad to worse today. I'm concentrating on not being catotonic, however, I've been sitting in front of this damn computer screen for over an hour now. Movement is a must.


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