It Was a Cool Idea

The house next door to Ville and her husband is up for rent, so we discussed checking it out. How cool would that be! "Hey, Ville!" I could shout over the back fence. "Can I borrow a glass of wine?" Plus, going to each other's parties would be a snap, and we'd all be only crawling distance from home. Wow! The mind reels at all of the possibilities. Back yard picnics and barbecues, decorating our houses and yards for holidays, borrowing crap from each other... I thought it would be great to install a gate between our the back yards. Maybe we could even start a communal veggie garden.

We went over last evening to take a look at the house and unfortunately, it's not as roomy as hers. The bedrooms are tiny—our bedroom furniture wouldn't even fit in the master bedroom. Damn! It was a cool idea though.