Some Crap About Me - Not My 100 Things

I was born in St. John's Hospital in Oxnard, California (Ventura County), at straight-up noon on September 24, 1951. My father was a Big Band, Swing, and Dixieland drummer and, like most musicians, he worked a lackluster day job in order to support his family. He did many things during his lifetime, including working as a telephone lineman, a TV repairman, an electrician at Sperry, a maintenance man, and a general Jack-of-all-Trades, which fit, since his name was Jack. His mother had been an opera singer in Chicago and his father grew up traveling the vaudeville circuit as a song-and-dance child star. Opera and vaudeville. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about my personality...



WTF, Wugdump?
Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and say, “What the f**k?” That’s the premise behind this category of the Incurable Insomniac weblog...