Another One in the Proverbial Can!

2012 was a pretty cool year for me, all in all, which was a pleasant and welcomed change, but something tells me 2013 is going to be fantastic! My wish for you? Health, prosperity, and creativity. I wish you the ability to roll with the punches and feel deserving of the strokes, to claim the positives that are already yours and waiting for you, and to be strong enough to hold the negativity at bay until it dissolves back into the paper tiger it is. I look forward to yet another year of sharing my life with you.



Happy End of the World!

I figure if there is the remotest chance of a Big Kaboom happening today, all of the our departed rockers will be welcoming us to the Other Side with the greatest concert ever held. Imagine the line-up! But I doubt we'll see it just yet. Instead, check out my son Micah Atwell's latest recording. It's called 13th B'ak'tun and is just awesome!...


The Spirit of Christmases Past

Every year at this time my mind and heart take me on a ride down Memory Lane. It's emotional, it sometimes includes regret, and it always keeps me in the Christmas Spirit, be that good or bad. But when you get my age there are so many memories, the ride is uneven, hilly, and full of both hairpin curves long, boring stretches...


Play It Again

During the time that I've been writing my trilogy, I've gotten into the practice of going to Gordon via meditation when I need inspiration, ambition, or to be unblocked. Believing that our characters are often no more than undeveloped facets of our own personalities, I feel that we writers have access to these when we need them...