Eye-Level on the Mainstream Shelf

We got some great news tonight. The Special Edition of Lynette's So Faithful A Heart is now for sale at the Stillwater Hastings. But that's not the best part. The best part is that the woman who selects the books for the store read it and liked it so muchthe story, the composition, the cover, everythingshe didn't shelve it in the Local Authors or Self-Published section, but with the mainstream novels (famous authors, and legacy published books)...


Middle Earth

What's this? A door in Rivendell? The gates of Moria? No, these are the doors of  St. Edward in Stow-on-the-Wold in the Cotswolds, Gloucester. It's pretty plain to see where J. R. R. Tolkien got a lot of his inspiration. Britain is a fabulously ancient and enchanting land! I think I could look at this all day and one day, when I can ever get back to England, I plan to sit and look at the real thing for a long time.

These photos were taken by Liz Ringrose and are used with her kind and generous permission.

At Brill on the hill
The wind blows shrill,
The cook no meat can dress;
At Stow-in-the-Wold
The wind blows cold,
I know no more than this.


My Perfect 36-Hour Day

I know precious little about astronomy, but I do know that Earth got it wrong when it set itself into orbit around old Sol. We should have 36-hour days instead of 24. I can easily put in a 12-hour work day and not even feel it, something my former bosses and my bank account both enjoyed. And, although I need very little sleep to get by, I wake up feeling much better if I can somehow manage (always with the help of Tylenol-PM) 12 hours. That leaves 12 hours left over for other things like enjoying off-time with family and friends, writing music, going places, etc.

I suppose I need to find myself an alternate universe, but then a whole lot more than the hours would change. I'd have to rethink exactly what "work" is, and that just gets too complicated. Even after 12-hours of sleep.


Live, Don't Muddle

‎"Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body." Joseph Addison

I was doing some math this morning and I realized that I might still have 40 years left on this planet. A lot of people are living to 100 these days and there's no reason to believe that I couldn't do so as well. I have my health issues, but none of them are organ-related or life-threatening. Forty years is the same amount of time it's been since I was 20. That's a long time ago and I've done a lot of living in that 40 years. In fact, I've done most of my living in that time...



Google image searching has become quite a sport. A hit-and-miss sport. Do you remember when you could type in a search word and the pictures that came back actually had something to do with that word? Just now, when I typed in "olio", I'd already predicted what they would send back to me, so I added, "-oleo -oil" and still, I got pages of olive oil.

Olio: A miscellaneous mixture or collection.

Does anyone even use this word anymore? I mean, apart from crossword puzzles and Scrabble? Eh, well. Here's my olio:
  • I really don't understand groupies. I especially don't understand 60+ year-old women with bleached blonde hair who think they're still 18, and act like groupies with all the jealousy, gossip, and backbiting. Especially when they're abusive bitches, and crazy as a March Hare besides. That filtered, blurry, Photoshopped profile picture doesn't fool anybody, chickie. Grow the feck up. Or maybe you should see a shrink, or get hormone replacement.
  • Mondays are no longer a usual work day for me. Since Nettl has begun to get voice students again, Monday will now be spent dusting and vacuuming. Might as well make this my housework day. I never feel like editing on Monday, anyway.
  • I'm loving Keith Richards' autobiography, Life, so much. I especially love his long dissertations about music, and how he plays certain things the way he does, and how he discovered those things. I guess a lot of readers just want to read the dirt, but I appreciate that he's kept his musician's slant in the forefront where it belongs.
  • We had nearly two solid days of rain over the weekend. It was lovely! Because the temps lingered in the high-70s, we could leave the doors and windows open. So fresh and so perfect for reading! And today is a beautiful, sunny day. I could live with these weather patterns forever.
  • At this very moment, Nettl is giving a lecture about her book at the local chapter of the Twentieth Century Women's Club. Go Nettl!
  • I have Book Three (With A Song) of my trilogy outlined. I know who all the characters are. I know the plot. Somehow, though, I can't seem to get the nuts up to start writing it, I'm so burned out. So I'm giving myself until January 1st to start writing. Meantime, I'm working on the supplemental eBook, Enharmonic Intervals, which is Gordon's memoirs. That's coming out very well. Book Two will be published just as soon as I get it back from my "second pair of eyes".
That's it from me. I'm all olioed out and I have stuff to do. Have a great Monday!