Beachy Dream

I dreamed that I was on a beach at low tide with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people. They were all standing in a long line, facing away from the ocean and waiting for a huge wave that would be coming. They said that when it came, they would all body surf for miles, that it was something they did every day. I didn’t want to do it, but I couldn’t seem to leave the beach and the idea filled me with anxiety.


All Clear

We had a hell of a storm tonight with dime-sized hail and we were in a tornado watch for most of the late evening. I need to restock the storm cellar with a Coleman battery-operated lantern, a first aid kit, some water and protein snacks, and I also need to take the sleeping bags back down there for us to sit on. I have a couple of personal things I set out to take with me into the storm cellar should the sirens go off. One is my cell phone and the other is a 200 year-old book that once belonged to Leopold Mozart.

If you were suddenly forced to run to a storm cellar, what two things would you take? (family members and pets are already assumed).



Unlike most people I’ve met, I look forward to Mondays. My work week begins, the house has quieter days during which I can more easily concentrate on my work, and a comfortable routine returns. Monday is also the day that I take care of my house plants, a soothing activity for me. It has been a wonderful weekend. In two short days I have experienced the following:

  • I saw our girls transformed from teenaged students to elegant young women in their prom dresses, accessories and salon-styled hair.
  • I saw tears of joy spill from Nettl’s eyes when she saw them.
  • I was moved to my foundation by a spiritually charged phone conversation I had with a friend.
  • I shared laughter with my dear friend, Debra, and felt love for her when she put her head on my lap.
  • I enjoyed a lazy Sunday of napping in front of the telly.
  • A friend came over to spend Sunday evening with us, and I enjoyed every minute of it.


Belated Shout Out

It wasn’t until 11:00 pm that I realized it was Roundtable day, and then, when I went to other Tablers’ sites to access Joe Wack’s entry, I found that I couldn’t. I wonder what’s up? I’ve already made a post-it note so that I don’t forget my turn on May 5th. At least I think that’s my turn. I’m supposed to follow Prego, and I’m assuming that the list in my sidebar is correct...


Shut Up

When I awoke at nine this morning, I got up, went to the bathroom, took my meds and stumbled to the kitchen to switch on the coffeemaker. While standing there, I experienced the following inner argument...


All Work & No Play

I worked all day on the largest of the web projects. I spent the last two days building templates for the owner to decide between, and now, that done, I’m ready to dive into the real work of actually building the site. It’s going to be a huge job, but a lot of fun. An older project will get my undivided attention tomorrow. That should be done in a couple of weeks.

With so much work, I find that I have to divide my work time in shifts: the days will get one project and the nights will get the other. Then, of course, there are my own sites to maintain. I love it! I love working!

Can’t believe it got into the hundreds today—and it’s only April. I think we’re in for a hot one, folks.
And now, time for a question:

Do you have anything taped to your computer monitor?
What is it and why is it there?

I have two fortune cookie fortunes: “You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home.” and “Success will be yours at home and in business.” Pretty clear why I have them up there.


Another Monday

As the saying goes, suddenly I’m as busy as a one-armed paper hanger. I’m not complaining, though. I have three web design projects going, all paying jobs, not to mention my own sites, two of which are undergoing significant changes.

On Saturday, as I returned from taking Nathan to a friend’s house, I got behind a couple in a pick-up truck...



A little bit ago, the old 60s song, “Montego Bay” by Bobby Bloom came on and I felt so damned good that I just had to get up and dance. Do you know how long it’s been since I felt that good!?? Now I want to hear “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest. Or how about “Come a Little Bit Closer” by Jay & the Americans? Yeah! Everybody dance!

Easter Traditions

Last night I bought something that I’ve haven’t in many years. Eggs and a box of PAS Easter Egg dye. My kids are long since grown (31 and 35), and Nettl’s kids are all teenagers. Still, I got the itch to make Easter Eggs, which I’ll be doing some time today. Oddly, when I awoke, I found that my fellow Roundtabler, Trish, has posted an insightful and moving entry about Easter eggs and the memories that surround them, and other Easter traditions. Check it out.

Calling it An Early Night

I’m happy to say that my earlier funk has given way to the full moon and I’m feeling pretty feisty, although I’m tired and plan to go to bed as soon as this entry is posted.

We had a good evening. I made a chicken divan over brown rice for dinner, and after cleaning up the dishes, Nettl and I went out to get groceries. No big deal, really, but we had fun and came home and put everything away. After that, we watched Top Chef, a show I didn’t think I’d like when it started a few weeks ago, but I actually do. They’re all kind of pissing me off at this point though. What a bunch of bitches, cry-babies and passive-aggressive, pretentious prigs. It’s a TV show, people, plus it’s a competition, and to top it off, IT’S ONLY FOOD! It ends up flushed down the toilet anyway. Perspective, people. Perspective. Besides, I can’t stand this pretentious nouvelle cuisine crap. A twig topped by a piece of clam the size of a black olive, lying on a plate that’s been dotted and smeared with fingerprints of orange sauce does not, in my opinion, a meal make.

Personally, I think Miguel would be a genius at a good old Philly cheese steak sandwich, and Steven had better stick to wine labels and hair gel. Tiffani can just bite me, and poor Dave, well, he seriously needs to lose the wine-induced crying jags, bless his heart. My prediction is that Lee Anne will win this Bravo competition.

And I can’t believe I’ve gotten sucked into this…


Wednesday Whatnot #2

Whatnot 1: What the hell’s up with my blog this month? Is it the color scheme? Is it the layout? Or do I just suck this month? Maybe it’s the font I used for my sidebar titles. Maybe everything is just too perky, or maybe I’m just plain unfocused and can’t write this month. Whatever it is, something’s got to change, and I mean in a big way. This is just crap.

Whatnot 2: I’ve joined the Roundtable, and I’m looking forward to being an active, inebriated participant each Thursday. Hey, it’s just a new incarnation of my old beloved Hair Night, only in the blogosphere rather than in my living room. Looks like my turn comes up on the 27th of this month. It’s only right that I be a member of this group. Alexander Woollcott was my great-great uncle, so I kind of see this as my attempt to carry on a fine family tradition (hic!). Click that blurred excuse for an image. Uncle Alexander is the rotund old queen with the cigarette holder and round eyeglasses. Here’s to you, dear uncle! I promise to get that ring reset one of these days.

Whatnot 3: I’ve been in a mega funk today. You know the kind. The kind where you drink your fancy import beer straight from the bottle rather than from the appropriate glass.

Whatnot 4: Tonight there was a concert with Lauren’s wind ensemble. Those kids can really play. Before we went, Nettl and I pigged out at Lu’s. When we walked in, there stood Mr. Ex-Nettl with the kids, paying their bill. I was glad they were leaving as we were just arriving. Doing the “big happy family” thing at these concerts and school programs is one thing, but eating out together is something else.



I fell asleep with no problems whatsoever, got caught up in some intense dreaming until just before 11:00 and woke up feeling rested and refreshed. I think I’m back in step now; I’ll just have to avoid the urge to nap after dinner. As soon as I can, I’m buying a treadmill. It’s something everyone in the house can use and I’ll definitely get my use out of it. Hopefully, some new work I’ve been offered will come through soon...


Long Lost Sunday Log

Woke up, was told it was three in the afternoon.
Got up, fed fish, stumbled to the bathroom.
Drank two cups of coffee.
Watered some plants.
Made the bed.
Read more of Brando’s book.
Took a nap.
Woke up and watched a little telly.
Updated weblog.
Went to bed.
What a waste of a day!


Woman Stuff

This is for any of you women who need a good laugh about, well, women stuff, and for the men who love you. Required reading! There isn’t a permalink, so just scroll down to the entry, “Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself.” Today, it’s the second entry down.



I went to see my doctor today. She gave me a steroid shot in the arse, some nasal sprays, and eye drops, and I feel like a million bucks! This is the best I’ve felt in years. From now on, steroids are my friends.

On another note, the wind is blowing like the Mistral. Our patio furniture is all over the backyard, but I’m not picking it up until the wind stops. We’re in a tornado watch anyway.

A Practical Music Meme

Answer the following questions using only the song titles from a chosen musician or band. Of course, I added a couple (nos. 8 & 9)

  1. Musician I chose: Bob Dylan
  2. Are you male or female? Mixed Up Confusion
  3. Describe yourself: The Man in Me
  4. How do some people feel about you? You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
  5. How do you feel about yourself? My Back Pages
  6. Describe your ex: Just Like a Woman
  7. Describe your current significant other: If Not For You
  8. Describe a best friend: Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat
  9. Describe some one who is no longer your friend: Positively 4th Street
  10. Describe where you want to be: Bob Dylan’s Dream
  11. Describe how you live: Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again (Stuck inside of Stillwater with the Vienna Blues Again)
  12. Describe how you love: Lay, Lady, Lay
  13. What would you ask for if you had just one wish? When the Ship Comes In
  14. Share a few words of wisdom: Disease of Conceit
  15. Now say goodbye: Restless Farewell


This is Cool

It’s one of those cool things that happens every now and then…when numbers line up.

01:02:03 04/05/06


Five & Dime

MommaK has asked her readers to take part in her “Five & Dime” game:

5 things I’m thrilled about at the moment and 5 things that are pissing me off:

~ I’m thrilled at having met a fellow composer. We’ve passed a lot of email lately and have spoken on the phone a number of times. He’s a gifted artist and he has an uncanny understanding of me and my work.
~ I’m thrilled that my energy level is pretty nearly back to normal. Now, I feel ten years younger rather than ten years older.
~ I’m thrilled that Jet is back to his old energetic self, too.
~ Mozartballs is about to be released and is playing all over the world. Presently, it’s in Tel-Aviv.
~ My family and friends are the best. This is what life’s really about. These provide a connection with humanity that we find nowhere else. I feel sorry (not in the pitying way, but in the most compassionate way) for people who have no friends and/or family. Life must be exceedingly hard without friends and family.


~ I’m really getting impatient about my financial situation. I used to worry, now I’m just pissed off.
~ I’m mad that John and Graham have had so much trouble closing on their house.
~ I’ve just about had it with my newly-acquired allergies, especially the ongoing eye crapola.
~ I’m pissed that Monty can’t get out more often, just to have a little fun.
~ I don’t understand how some people can be so nasty and petty and carry a grudge around for so long when there’s so much good in the world to focus on.