Right Through the Heart

Ten years ago today, a woman who'd found my Mozart website signed the guest book. The site was several months old, but the guest book was new; her entry was only the 9th:

 "Ich liebe dich Herr Mozart!" ("I love you Mister Mozart!")

I never replied to simple one-line entries, although I did when the signer asked Mozart a question or left a sizable comment. Entry number 9 was short, but I felt compelled to respond to it. It wasn't the first time Mozart had been told he was loved, but for some reason I commented back this one time:

"Und Ich liebe dich meine gnädige Frau!" ("And I love you my gracious lady!")

Thus began a correspondence that changed my life forever. Guest number 9 was Nettl and this is the tenth anniversary of the day we finally found each other.

Ich liebe dich meine schöne, süße Frau.