People Do This? Really?

I didn't know writers could afford to go on vacation. They must have husbands at home who work regular jobs. I haven't had anything that might count as a vacation in, what, 23 years, and even that was used for surgery. We went to Vienna and Salzburg in 2005, but I'd never count that as a vacation—we worked 15-18 hour days. Nope. I don't know any writers, personally, who can take vacations unless they have a spouse who has a day job. Ana├»s Nin certainly had that luxury; her husband was a banker. That would do it.


I'm Not Triskaidekaphobic, but...

So ends 13 years of fear, despair, struggle, grief, and want. It's over. The nightmare is over. There was a light at the end of the tunnel just as I believed, and it wasn't a train! They were also 13 years of dedication, cooperation, hope, humor, and love, and that was what gave me the strength to get through. Thanks for hanging in there with me through the years. It means more than I can express.


My History of Fashion Model Poses

Please don't think I pay attention to fashion all that much, because I don't. You should know me better than that by now. But for the past two weeks I've been in bed with the worst bronchial flu in my life, and I've spent some time in Pinterest. Oh, okay, I've spent a lot of time in Pinterest and believe me, if you spend any amount of time there, you quickly become knowledgeable about "repurposed" mason jars (why can't people just say used, second-hand, or recycled?), knitted anythings, 105 ways to use Nutella, "cute" resurrection terrariums for Easter (look Mommy, it's a tomb!), and fashion...


"My God, it's full of stars!"

See those two huge stars in the western sky? They're actually planetsJupiter (left) and Venus (right)forming part of the Grand Trine in Earth, which peaks today as Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto are all at 9 degrees. Extraordinary!

Here's a visual.


Signs of Spring

There are certain irrefutable signs appearing that tell me spring is on its way. We had no real winter to speak of, which makes me sort of dread the upcoming tornado and mosquito seasons. Still, seeing the first daffodil in the bed that lines our drive is always exciting. Yesterday, the gardener came out for the first time this year to mow and pick up dead branches that the wind knocked from our old trees. Every morning this weekend there was a huge robin that splashed away in the bird bath outside the bedroom window. I was able to put the lighter blanket on the bed. The cat is spending more time outdoors. And poor Nettl is suffering with her yearly bout of allergies now that the Bradford Pears are beginning to bloom. All signs of Spring...


Out of Track

Now I've really seen it all. I received an email notification that a comment needed to be moderated. I do all of that from my Gmail account before I even sign in to Blogger, and this one really made me laugh; it's wrong on so many levels...

The Creative Itch

While waiting on my doctor to decide to treat me so that I can feel up to writing, I've decided it's time for a self-sanctioned pause. Spring is on its way and I've set aside a few projects. Small things, really, but fun and creative.

1. Make homemade laundry detergent
2. Make homemade Rosemary Mint fabric softener
3. Do something creative with our cobalt bottles
4. Make floating candle jars for the front porch
5. Fill suet feeder with bits of yarn for birds' nesting needs
6. Make homemade moisturizer
7. Make "fire fly" jars
8. Make hanging candle/plant jars for the front porch

The largest project, which isn't pictured, is to re-organize the kitchen's upper cabinets, paint the back wall, remove the doors, then display our cool dishes, mugs, bowls, teas, glasses, etc.

Since I joined Pinterest I've developed a creative itch. People are so inventive and resourceful--I'm inspired every day by something in there.

That's it, really. Nothing about writing this time.