Meme: My Year in Review

Go into your archives and post the first sentence from the first post you made each month last year. Here are mine:

January: "In bed today with a nasty cold with the accompanying body aches, stuffy nose and that oddly pleasant, slightly delirious sensation." (And again, this year???)

February: "It just occurred to me why I've lost inspiration and passion for my art." (Too bad I hadn't found the resolution as well.)

March: "You may think I'm silly, but today was one of the happiest days of my life." Good for me. At least I had one last year.

April: "I never knew that one could be surrounded by so many crises, tests, and emergencies at one time." (Well, nothing lasts forever.)

May: "There are few morning experiences better than that first cup of coffee." (Some things never change.)

June: "So this is how we spent our Sunday." (This was actually the caption for a photo taken on our veranda, called, "Still Life with Corona". I miss summer...)

July: "When we first moved into this house exactly four years ago, I painted the wall above our bed a deep red." (I'm so glad I repainted it.)

August: "I have a bad case of the wanderlust this week." (Summer makes me want to travel.)

September: "Looks like Gustav is heading for us, although I doubt it will bring any more than some wind and rain." (I was right.)

October: "I'm giving my Remarkable Women Bloggers Award today to Blog Queen, who is a nurse who works in the ER of her city's hospital." (I wish I knew where she's gone to. She hasn't posted a blog entry in over two weeks. I hope everything's okay.)

November: "I never quite know what to do with myself on Saturdays." (So far this year, I've been a lazy ass.)

December: "No, that's not a bow tie he's wearing, it's a thyroid (thanks, Photoshop)." (You'd have to see the picture to understand this one.)

Don't forget that this is National Delurking Week. Leave a comment and say hi!


  1. HI!
    (well it's not my first time here anyway...) I'd have to check this tie/thyroid thing though, it doesn't ring a bell.

  2. LOL!!! I don't know if I want to know what I wrote last year but I might try it.

  3. Happy new year, good to hear from ya, this years gonna be a good one...RIGHT???

    I love the idea of the 'Corona' still life...I miss summer too, it's a looonnnggg way off.

    I'll have to go back and check mine out too, I've only been blogging since April last year, so it could be really interesting...if not transitional...I'm not alone in the universe anymore...there are lots of crazies out there just like me...yippee!

    Have a great one! (or two)


  4. Sorry we didn't make it to the New Years Eve party. My wife and I were introduced to each other on New Years Eve and we go back to the friends that introduced us.

    Hehehe, but it was a good new years eve!

  5. Stopping by to say Привет.
    Now I'm "delurked".

  6. Hi ya! Just popped in again after looking at the tiny house I want to get.

  7. Aww - okay - I was showing off! haha I've started learning Scottish Gaelic and what I posted was Gaelic for "How are you?" (my first lesson was in Scottish greetings). It's pronounced kee-ah-mar-a hah oo. It was Horus' posting in Russia that inspired me! haha


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