Friday Nights

You know what I miss? I miss those Friday nights when my friends and I would all meet in mIRC and play stupid Name That Tune and Music Trivia games, drinking, and passing wavs across the still brand spanking new thing called "online". There wasn't even a real public Internet yet, just DOS-based AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy. And mIRC, of course...

It was a fun way to spend a Friday night when we were snowed in, and my Denver basement apartment was the coziest place on earth. Ville lived katty-corner across the city, in Aurora, but we were able to have a lot of fun without having to drive the 20 or so miles that lay between us.

Remember how hard it was just to sign on sometimes? That was in the days of dial-up connections and, whenever someone called your phone, you got knocked off line and had to start all over again. I think I must have typed "I got bumped" a million times in those days.

I know that mIRC is still there, but I'm sure it's gotten either all high-tech and user-friendly, uber nerdy, or else completely warez sex. If I knew anyone using mIRC, and if I could afford to buy some wine, I'd do that tonight (play the stupid games, not the warez sex thing).


  1. I remember one day on Compuserve when two or three other women and I did a "harmony" of a song. Each one typed in a line and somehow it all worked with us planning ahead so there wasn't any long gaps between them and nobody repeated lines. It was a lot of fun. The rest of the people in the chat room were our audience and we got applause when it was done. Very fun.

  2. Sure does make insomnia a hell of a lot more fun!

  3. I was a Name That Tune addict. So much so, that I moved to Kansas City area just to be near the people I was chatting with. I made a lot of great friends online. Some that I will be friends with forever.
    What a small world this has become

  4. Dang that AOL sign on screen brings back memories.

  5. Oh, guilty. I still play trivia on IRC occasionally.. much less than I used to, but it's still there and so am I. :)

  6. Deni: How in heck did you do that??

    Kay: Sure does!

    Ville: How well I remember. I loved that old chat room crap.

    Horus: I know! When I first saw it, it was almost like I was back in that little computer room in the basement.

    Hilary: You do?? Cool. I need to check it out now.

  7. I'll email the details to you... server.. room.. etc.


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