The Armchair Circumnavigator: Monuriki Island

There's not much to say about Monuriki Island, except that it's in the Pacific Ocean,
in a group of islands known as the Mamanuca Islands, just off of the coast of Figi.

No one lives there, there are no bars, no hotels,

yet it has become a favorite "must see" for tourists.

Does it look familiar to you? It should...

It's where the movie, Castaway, starring Tom Hanks, was filmed.

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  1. Let's go!

    You bring the volleyball, okay?

  2. Sure, but you bring a cooler of beer and we'll see who donates to painting the face.

  3. Wilson got robbed of the Oscar that year.

  4. I was thinking, "this looks just like the Tom Hanks island", as I scrolled slowly down to his picture!

  5. This is lovely but not my idea of relaxation. I am so hyper that I actually loose myself and relax walking in crowds. My favorite city to dissapear and ralax in is Tokyo.

  6. Oh, you have already set sail, to warmer climes, how so very clever!

    I have only this afternoon started clearing the galley and the crew quarters. The last of the visitors left my ship only this morning. I feel like joining that lonely fellow at his beach retreat.

  7. That was an incredible movie! I loved the scenery in it. And I'm sure I would have gone screaming do-lally had I been stuck there for 4 years!

    But a short visit would be cool. Being lazy on the beach, paddling my kayak in those clear aquamarine waters, hiking around the island. Sign me up!

  8. Kiefer fell in love with Wilson in that movie.

  9. Thanks for the only real laugh I had today.

  10. Wilson!!!!!!!!!
    (someone had to do it)

  11. I loved that movie! I think I've watched it a dozen times. That scene when she goes running after him in the rain always choked me up. *sniffle*


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