You Got Talent, Kid!

It always amazes me how many really talented people there are in the world. It just proves that everyone possesses some talent of some kind.

With the advent of the Internet we are introduced to more talent than ever before. We saw it on television, heard it on recordings, and applauded it at concerts, etc., but the talent always belonged to those people, the gifted others, the ones who were famous, or about to be...

One of my favorite ways to waste time introduce myself to some of the talent that's out here in Blogsville is to blog-hop. I think we all do it. I go to a blog on my Blog List and randomly click a link on theirs, and so on. There are some really fine writers, humorists, poets, and thinkers on the web, and I'm not referring to the big names, I'm talking about people like you, and you, and you.

It's encouraging to know that the web has created more interest in reading and writing as self-education and self-expression. I can remember only a few years ago when it wasn't this way. But more importantly, we're communicating across miles, across states, across nations, and across cultures. If we're not at the dawn of a new renaissance, then I don't know it is. Whatever, I like it.

"We are always more anxious to be distinguished for a talent
which we do not possess, than to be praised
for the fifteen which we do possess."
- Mark Twain


  1. Only you Steph. The one who stays up when the rest of us are sound asleep. You get to see the closing of the curtains and the scantily dressed performers return to their cheap hotels after the show.
    (Bows head in admiration).


  2. The night is so much more interesting than the day, especially online.

    A year or so ago I had this quote on my masthead:

    "Night time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep." Catherine O'Hara

    That says it all.

  3. Blog hopping is one of my favourite pasttimes as well!

  4. Our great-great cousin was a great-great thinker!

  5. Speaking of talent, "Mozartballs" arrived in the mail today so I'm going to drag myself away from this machine today for a while and watch you and Nettl perform.

    Just reading the cover of the case really has my interest piqued.

  6. I blog-hopped my way to your blog Steph, I must admit. I am in awe of the great talented people I have encountered in the blog universe.

  7. Yours was one of the blogs that inspired this post. Thanks!

  8. I like Mark Twain's philosophy. I applied it (kind of) to my NY resolutions. Didn't aim to do something I had failed at repeatedly in the past, aimed at improving on things that I already do.

  9. Michelle: Thanks for "hopping" over to my lily pad!

    Lee: That's a great idea--one that I could certainly benefit from.

  10. I, for one, am certainly glad that somehow you found a path to my blog, thus enabling me to follow you to yours! Thank you for sharing your world, dear incurable insomniac! :-)

  11. Merisi: Aw, now you've made me go all squishy...

  12. I blog-hopped my way to your blog Steph, I must admit. I am in awe of the great talented people I have encountered in the blog universe.


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