You're Darned Tootin'

I woke up to find a man in a parka standing in our bedroom. No, this isn't him, but you get the idea. It was the DSL dude, here to reconfigure our modem. This is the only downside of having one's office in one's bedroom. Nettl's online (she uses the main computer to which all our others connect via wireless), but I'm still having to use the connection I used last night. I'm not awake enough and I don't possess the know-how to figure that out.

After all my griping about not getting winter here this year, we've finally been "blessed" with a two-day ice storm. The streets are like a skating rink and a car nearly plowed into our house yesterday evening. Fortunately, the driver wasn't driving fast and the curb stopped him.

Waking up to a man in our bedroom was weird. Especially when he looked like something out of Fargo.