* Vielesteine, Not Enough Sleep

I suppose now's the time for me to turn on my charm, my wit, my magnanimous personality, and my articula... articulator... articulitio... my amazing use of the English language. I've been nominated for the Okie Blog Award, and in two categories, too! But all the Einstein brain cells in the world can't help me tonight so as usual, when I'm tired, you get a bullet list...

1  I tried to write tonight, but my best client kept emailing work to me. I'm not complaining, though. I really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y need it. It's just that my clients have caught onto the fact that I'm up all night, and they've started sending me stuff and asking me questions after 10 pm. I was working with one at three in the morning last night. (?) How's that for time clocking the night away?

2  Did you happen to catch Wintley Phipps' performance of Amazing Grace at the National Prayer Service? Holy Schlamoly! You really need to experience it for yourself.

3  Is it just me, or is it time for summer? If the weather isn't going to give me any snow, then it can just fast-forward a couple of seasons and get over this so-so crapola. I know, I know. Some of you have had enough snow to last a lifetime or two, but what about my needs? I want some snow, damn it.

4  On the table by my chair are three pairs of readers. Black (my favorites), brown, and tortoise shell. I bought a three-pack several months ago for under 10 bucks. Makes me wonder why we spent $300 on a pair of bifocals last spring. I use them when I'm really far away from the TV, or when I'm driving, but, usually, it's just these cheapo readers that sit on my face, making me look more like a dork than I already am.

5  Since the inauguration, I haven't been paying attention to much else. I've been working, mostly; I promise to get around to your comments and blogs this weekend. Never forget: time is relative.

6  Oh,yeah. The two nominations are for Best Looking Blog (ta-da!) and Best Culture Blog. I probably won't win either of them, though, because, besides being up against some serious (a-hem) competition, I'm the Susan Lucci of blog awards. I'm nominated for these every year, but I've never won. Even that year in OKC when I was buying the drinks...

Over and out.
* Vielesteine (FEE-leh-shtine-eh) - for those who don't know German, it's my little play on words.


  1. I didn't even get nominated for anything and I was really going for best culture blog! :(

    I think those stupid awards are just a big popularity contest anyway. humph!!!

  2. About all I can do is to send a melted snowball! That's what it would be, by the time it reached you.

    Nettl - your "Okie Sings the Blues" blog at least should have been nominated, if not "Life in Shades of F-Major".

  3. I know you must be busy. I did a post where I mentioned classical music and you didn't even comment! ;)

  4. Nettl: You have to get 10 nominations to get in the running. I tried to get you in there, but I could only vote once! I'll never understand why I'm always in the Culture category; I think of this as a humor blog.

    Kathy: That's okay. It's the thought that counts.

    Earl: Sheesh. Some people's kids....

  5. Congrats on your Nom!!!
    Your blog is just lovely! and i am with you i want a snow day!

  6. I'm still tingling from the Phipps performance over at Lynette's. Wow.

  7. RE:

    * Okie Blogger: Congrats! I hope you win.

    * late night clients: ARGH!!!

    * Wintley Ohioos: Incredible!!

    * Winter: You want cold and snow? I'll send you our sub-zero. Today we're a balmy 20F.

    * readers: Thanks for reminding me to take my scrip in for my new bifocals!

    * working: you know I understand but you're always welcome at my place -- no recriminations or apologies necessary

    * re: Susan Lucci: Chaz at Dustbury says more or less the same thing.

    * Vielesteine: many stones -- but are they all unturned? LOL

  8. That comment was as good as my post!


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