See the time in the mini-blog on my sidebar? That was about 15 minutes before our web host's server went down. Of course, I automatically assumed that the problem was my fault, and I spent the following two hours crawling under the desk, defragging this and rebooting that. I plugged, unplugged, reset and redecorated. Finally, I called the host and found out that they'd experienced an "equipment failure". Throughout the course of the day I called three more times and at last I learned that the issue had been resolved. Hm. Then why weren't we online?

It was about 5:30 when I consulted Micah on the issue and found out that I should NOT have poked that reset button on the back of the modem. Now the techs will have to re-configure our IPwhateverthefuckitis. I called the host to alert them of my stupidity.

Experiencing serious and utterly disgusting withdrawal symptoms, I decided to see if I could connect via some unsuspecting soul's unsecured network and voila! Here I am! Hey, we've caught people using ours! I'm due the karmic payback. Besides, the one I'm piggybacking on belongs to our property management company just across the way. With what they charge us in rent, I figure they owe us.

I still haven't heard back from the techs, who were supposed to call meand no one else in our house can connectbut that will be fixed tomorrow. It will. If I have to call them every hour on the hour, it will.