Taking a Night Off

Joel and I finally got the last of the Christmas stuff out of the house this evening. Because nearly the entire household came down with the rotten cold that's taken over this state, we didn't get to it the weekend after New Year. Instead, we did it in fits and starts. For the past week, all that was left was the bare nekkid tree in the corner. But it's out now and everything's back to normal. I even vacuumed the living room, including the stairs. That was fun... I detest carpet, almost as much as I do wind, and there's way too much of both here.

Nettl (angel that she is) picked up some Trumer Pils for me (my favorite beer, and yes, I even have the cool glass), and even made dinner while I vacuumed. This is the first beer I've had since summer.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was able to open the patio door because it was in the mid-70s outside. I didn't know! Damn! If it's like that tomorrow, I'm moving my butt out to my hammock office! I got to enjoy the weather long enough to cut back the roses, water the jasmine and tidy up the patio, and now, I'm taking tonight off. I'm going to sit here, blog-hop, and drink my pils.