Sunday Linkage 3-1-09

"What’s the difference between sleeping pills and a vodka lemonade anyway except the fun part? The mouthal thing. The taste. Sleeping pills are like the opening of the universe without the flavor. What’s the point?" - Tourette's Cat

"There’s so much to strip out of our garden. But on a positive note, there will equally be as much to plant and nurture and nurse to maturity." - Authorblog

"(Now, if I ever found myself in Tunisia, surely I wouldn't be tempted to find the location of the Skywalker farm...nope, not me.)" - Byzantium's Shores

"It's sad that so many people raked the movie over the coals simply because there were scenes in the movie where men were kissing. How in the hell do you portray the life of a homosexual man without kissing/intimate scenes....SCREW them!!! The movie was great." - Admissible Banter

"People often think, "I shouldn't be doing this," "I should be doing good for someone else," "if I am enjoying myself, I mustn't be productive or doing good," "what will other people think." Some people think it's character building to be miserable. A happy animal (human, dog or other) will be spreading goodness wherever she goes. So I say, go forth and enjoy yourself." - Ruby Isabella Jones

"The President addressed Congress and the nation last night. But it wasn't a State of the Union address. I'm a bit confused, but I like it. We've seen more of this guy in his first month than we saw of the last guy in his first nine months." - The Verdant Dude

"I like my coffee like I like my exes: finely ground and dark-roasted." - The Daily Bitch

"I just love the idea of government helping those who cannot pay for college by asking them commit time and effort in helping their communities. This is the core of citizenship, giving back what you received. There is an unequivocal sense of dignity when you work hard for others." - The Pink Cowboy

"All that said, I realize you may not feel the affection I do for this late children’s TV star [Mr. Rogers]. But please know that if you badmouth this kind, dedicated man, who always taught us to be considerate and gentle, I will gut you like a damned fish. Thanks, neighbor." - RiffTrax Blog

""..oh ..because Clay....before you shattered that puppet in the attic, did you see his face? (laughing)..he had no face love..gods don't have faces...only intent..."" - M.IV


  1. Ideas are always different. Everyone has their own ideas. Only such a world so beautiful. :)

  2. I was gonna say "you know it's not Sunday, right?", but the post date is on Sunday. Hmm.

    Anyway, as always...honored.

  3. quoting earl makes my head hurt...

  4. I like this idea. I may have to steal it sometime. ;)

  5. Skywind: Thanks for leaving your URLs. I'll check out your blogs.

    Earl: Yeah, I know. I forgot, so I dated the entry for last night. Can't get away with anything around you!

    Slyde: Poor Slyde...

    Hilary: Be my guest. I took it from other bloggers myself!

  6. Great post. I like the way you took parts from each post to capture the reader's attention. You're so goooood!!!


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