At Ville's Today

I'm now at Ville's house, only about three miles from home. She's still asleep and I'm on the couch in the living room. Before he left for work, Beau told me that Ville usually comes out here when she wakes up.

Wow! Last night we had a series of nasty thunderstorms roll through. At one point the wind was so fierce that it woke us up and I turned on the news to make sure we weren't in the midst of a tornado. In my semi-comatose state, it didn't occur to me that the sirens weren't sounding. Earlier, the hail was so loud that it sounded like boulders were falling from the sky. We survived though, and today it's sunny and the birds are singing. Go figure.

As I did last Friday, if I have any new observations or ideas today, I'll add them to this entry.

11:58 am: I finally got Ville to sit the fook down. From the moment she got out of bed to just now (about 1.5 hours), she has been walking around, pacing, showering, walking--she's basically restless. Ville is a Gemini, you see, and isn't one for sitting around. She's finally in her big-ass chaise-chair thingy, playing on her Nintendo DS. For how long, I don't know. I'll be making her lunch in about an hour, so if I can keep her down that long, it'll be a feat!

2:31 pm: Here's Ville in her big-ass chaise-chair thingy. (Click pix to embiggify)

An accidental photo.

Buddy, the best cat in the world. His nickname is Bud Face, but I call him Butt Face.

Nettl stopped by, bringing Mickey-D!


  1. All the very best to La Villette, and hope you are comfy there on that couch, II? x

  2. So Ville, Get well!

    Plus we have the chance of snow on Friday!

  3. hope ville feels better soon...

  4. blogland was full of storm stories yesterday, it would seem...

  5. It's hsrd to be still. I have not had this kind of energy in 10 years. I feel like grampa Joe from Willy Wonka (I never thought that life could be, anything but catastrophe, suddenly there seems to be, a bit of good luck, for me. Cuz I got a golden ticket.....)

  6. What is that on the TV, behind Nettl???

  7. I don't konw, but it looks kinda naaaasteh!

  8. And the Mickey-D bag... "Want in in something juicy?" I'm laughing my ass off!

  9. The TV is on the Food Network, so I have no frickin' idea...

  10. "Butt Face." Ha ha! What a riot!


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