Theta Pond

If I had a way to get there, I'd spend some time today at Theta Pond, at the university. It's a beautiful day!

In the near decade that we've been here, Lynette and I have a couple of favorite places where we go to get away from everything, our favorite being Theta Pond. It was created by students in 1895 as a reservoir to solve an on-campus water shortage. Today, it's a popular spot for photographers and bird watchers.

Our favorite ducks are the Cresteds. When we first moved here we named them after 18th century composers because of their "powdered wigs". I think Vienna needs to get some of these for the Stadpark.

There are trees with unusual root formations. A couple of turtles (there could be more for all I know) hide amongst the roots on the little island in the center of the pond. The ducks and swans sleep on the island at night.

I love these tree roots, some of which are at least two feet tall. On moonlit nights they look like little nature spirits standing sentry over the pond.

We almost always sit on that bench (on the left) on the pond's shore, feeding the ducks. In fact, we keep all of our bread heels in a bag in the freezer and take some with us every time we go to the pond. Well, sometimes we forget. If the fowl see you carrying a bread wrapper, they'll crowd all around you, honking and quacking, as you walk toward the pond.

Theta Pond is a great place.

Photos by:
Amy Wenzel (1&4)
RWK Photos (2)
Rick (3)