DeVille is Ill

In a few hours Ville will be undergoing major surgery. I'll be at the hospital all morning and possibly through most of the afternoon. If the place is set up for wifi, I'll be online at least part of the time. Because she's like a kid sister to me, I just have to be there. Otherwise, I'll just sit here biting my nails and waiting for her husband to call me.

8:34 am: Lynette and I went through the Starbucks drive-thru on the way to her office and now here I am at the hospital. Beau (Ville's husband) called before I left the house to say that she's in surgery now and that he had an errand to run. He'll be here soon. Meanwhile, I'll be doing my thing online, just as I do at home. Between the coffee at home and the cappuccino grande, I should be buzzing right along soon.

9:39 am: Beau got here about thirty minutes ago and sat in the chair across from me (I'm by the wall outlet). He's on his laptop, too. Nothing happening; people talking, news on the TV, sun's trying to come out. I did some work for a client and am waiting to hear back from him before I can do any more. Meantime, we wait. That's why they call it a waiting room. If it were moving, we'd be on a jet. I told the nurse that I'm Ville's sister. Like we look anything alike! LOL.

That reminds me of a night many years ago in California, when Ville and I went into a bar for some beers. After a little while, two dudes came over and tried to pick us up, asking if we were related. We said that we were sisters, with different fathers. The other dude said, "I really see the family resemblance," and Ville laughed, "You're so full of crap! We look nothing alike!"

Ville can get away with that kind of thing and get a laugh out of her "victim". I'd just be called a bitch if I tried it. Not that I would.

9:55 am: I just wrote a limerick:

There once was a girl named Ville,
Who suddenly got very ill;
She went to the doc,
Who gave her a smock,
Saying, "Bend over and I'll give you the bill."

10:00 am: Just heard word. Everything's going well!

10:50 am: Beau just spoke with the doctor. Ville's out of surgery and is doing well. Beau showed me a photo of Ville's guts (I love surgical things). That fibroid she had was the size of a football--no exaggeration! Ville will be very proud of the photo, she loves things like that. The doctor said we won't be able to see her for 45 minutes to an hour. Nettl and I are meeting for lunch at noon and Beau wants to go home and nap after Ville's in her room, so after lunch, I'll come back here and sit with her while she sleeps. Poor Beau's been popping Rolaids; now he's making the phone calls to family members.

11:12 am: Of course, there's a "she-who-will-not-stop-talking" here. I swear, she hasn't inserted a comma or a period in her monologue for the past hour and a half. And of course, she's the loudest person in the room.

1:30 pm: I'm now in Ville's room (#310). Beau left and I'm standing--or sitting--vigil. I just read all of your comments to her and she was really happy that you are thinking of her. When I first got here I had to sit on the "potty chair" in the corner, but now I'm in the hospital version of a Laz-E-Boy (you know the ones). She's really very alert, for someone who's on morphine...

Nettl and I went to Panera, where we had French onion soup and a baguette.

Looks like Ville will be here until Sunday afternoon. She's complaining about all of the tubes and monitors, and says she feels like a Borg. Yeah, she's just fine.

Flashing a peace sign

Me: "Eat your Jell-o, Ville."
Ville: "What flavor is it?"
Me: "Red."

5:51 pm: Okay, I'm home now and about to go down to the kitchen to make dinner. Then I'm taking a siesta. It was good to see Ville feeling so well. I'll say one thing about her: she's not a baby!

Have a good night, oh Villacious One, and get
some sleep (if those nurses will let you!).
Heather and I will see you tomorrow afternoon.
P.S. If there's anything you want me to bring
let me know.


  1. poor Ville! I will be thinking of her :)

    ps, I've always like that pic of her and it adds a special touch to this post.

  2. Take my healing vibes with you today...

  3. Ditto on what Micah said about the pic of Ville--it's always been my favorite too!

    She'll be in my thoughts today!

  4. The picture is about the best portrait of her as I'm seen. It was taken in my basement apartment in Denver.

  5. 'Tis a lovely pic of a lovely lady.

    I'll be sending all the healing energies I have to her throughout today and through her recovery.

    She's very lucky to have you for a friend. It's one of the things Ville and I have in common.

  6. Emily's words - My friends are my estate - How true, how relevant.

    Love and light to you and Villette x

  7. I'll be thinking of her and you today. Good thoughts, good thoughts...

  8. Ville and all of you will be in my thoughts and prayers today.

  9. Sending my very best thoughts her, and your way.

  10. Ville and I are the ones who really look like sisters. Remember at our Holy Union service how everyone asked if we were?

  11. Yeah. You have the same nose and profile. I remember thinking that when you first came to Ventura.

  12. There are times when Ville looks more like my sister than my sister does.

  13. Glad all is going well! LOL! on the limerick!

  14. Beautiful picture!

    Sending good vibes your way :P

  15. Good news! She's going to feel so much better!

  16. Hey, Lots of Love to Ville!!
    When she comes out, recommend Arnica 30c for about a week to help her heal quickly and also Staphysagria 30c which is specific for healing surgery in that area!!! Just throwin' it out there, it really helps.

  17. Tell her I said to "pipe down" and go to sleep!

  18. Good to hear Ville is doing so well.Lol,the Berg and the Borg.

  19. Thank all of you so so much.

  20. What are you doing online??? You...

  21. Get well soon, Ville! There's lots of dancing yet to do in life!

  22. I am on the laptop here at the hospital. Surgeon stopped by. Dr Taguchi. He said he didn't think I would be doing this well. Beau did not either, frankly neither did I. I started walking yesterday around 4:30. I took the very short route. Then again around 7 I took the longer route. Beau went home after thaat, and I started walking around on my own. (Don't worry, I'm not pushing too hard) But, I have been off the IV and ambulatory independently since 10:00 p.m. last night.

  23. That's amazing! YAY!!!

    Heather and I will be in to see you this afternoon.

  24. Ville, have you see the picture of that fibroid yet? It was big enough that you could have named it!

  25. Wonderful news, Ville. It's great to be up and around, isn't it? You don't realize what a joy it is just to be able to move when you can't even for a little bit.

    I'm so glad to know that you are doing so well. See? All those healing thoughts help!

    Gentle hugs.

  26. Whew, hope the healing all goes well!

    Joining everyone here in wishing Ville a speedy and APFAP, (as pain free as possible), recovery!

  27. Here's to good news. Keep healing, Ville!

  28. Whew, hope the healing all goes well!

    Joining everyone here in wishing Ville a speedy and APFAP, (as pain free as possible), recovery!


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