Good Morning, Good MORning!*

*To be sung in your best Ethel Merman voice.

Judging from the past week, I think it's safe to say that I haven't really slept in about seventeen years. All of a sudden, I'm sleeping well and deeply, without waking up every hour on the hour. I'm waking up feeling refreshed and recharged, and those awful upon-waking panic attacks are gone. The feeling of waking up without a sense of impending dread and gloom is wonderful!...

Of course, you know the title of this blog is kind of a misnomer, don't you? I'm not really an insomniac, I'm really just a night owl. I love being up at night when everyone is asleep. It's a cozy feeling, knowing that the family is sleeping safe and warm while I do my thing, whether I'm online, working, or sitting in the living room listening to music in the candlelight. Still, the term "night owl" conjures up all kinds of trite and precious owl clip art. I wasn't about to add to the cute teddy bear overload that's on the web, so "insomniac" won out. This poster is about as cutesy as I'm comfortable with.

Next Friday morning Ville will be going into the hospital for surgery, so she's having an impromptu get together at her house tonight. Until then, I have some laundry to do and some plants to water, but presently I'm still in bed with my coffee.