Pear Blossom Time

Bradford Pear trees sure are pretty, aren't they? Yeah. And this town is full of them. For about two weeks every Spring they blossom and put on quite a show. And Kleenex sales shoot up, as well as the sale of various and diverse allergy medications.

Poor Lynette is having a hell of a time this year because the pollen not only affects her allergies, it also plays dangerously with her asthma. She stayed home yesterday and today she's still too sick to go to work, but she has to. I really worry about her since that night several years ago when I nearly took her to the hospital. I would have, but she wouldn't let me. Anyway, I get scared when she can't breathe. Silly me...

I'm lucky. I've never been allergic to anything until about three years ago when the winds finally got to me, but what I go through is nothing compared to what Nettl goes through. It snowed yesterday, so maybe the blossoms froze and the pollen won't spread around. The next trees to bloom will be the Redbuds, but they don't affect her as much, and they're just as pretty in their way.

I can't believe how fast this week went. It just zipped right past me. I'm looking forward to a lazy quiet weekend during which I plan to take a number of naps. I can't seem to get enough sleep lately. I don't mean that I'm tired, or sleepy. I'm actually sleeping like I used to before the Hashimoto's nailed me, and now that I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping long and soundly. Nettl says that I'm probably healing and that takes a lot of energy, as well as the fact that I'm finally catching up on my sleep deficit. Sounds good to me. Guess I'd better go put some of that into practice. I just looked at the clock...