Figaro Tonight!

Adultery, drunkenness, intrigue, gender-bending, voyeurism, masked identities, raging adolescent hormones, deflowered maidens, and love conquering all.

"Because I want to do a piece about real people! And I want to set it in a real place! A boudoir! — because that to me is the most exciting place on earth. Underclothes on the floor! Sheets still warm from a woman’s body! A piss pot brimming under the bed!"

(Mozart, in Amadeus, the original play by Peter Shaffer)

Who said opera isn't hot?


  1. ...with lemon, I found your blog via The Pink Cowboy
    (I try to click on a link to another blog when I visit someone just to see who's out there).

    I enjoyed my first visit, your fun pictures, your dream of the Amalfi Coast and your dislike of the new "Followers" widget.

    I'll return...

  2. hope you have a great time :)


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