Oldie, Coldie Me

I know it's unflattering, but tough. Here I am in my hammock. I have a really crappy cold, which the wind isn't helping, but again, tough. Don't bug my bliss, mate...

4:20 pm: Well, of course. The management company decided this was the perfect afternoon to fire up not one, but both their blasted AC turbines. I've got on my big humongous earphones, but I can still hear them. Plus, I decided (while I was up getting the headphones) to put the beaded curtain on the patio door. That took about half an hour because it was tangled. Now, the sun has reached a point where it's blinding my right eye. Fortunately, by the time I've posted this, the sun will have slipped behind the neighbor's house. Glad I have another beer.

4:35 pm: Ah, the generators have been turned off, the sun is no longer staring me in the face, and I am once again in a state of bliss. The wind may drive me indoors though. But, hey, I think the Bass Ale has helped my cold. I actually feel better!

5:00 pm: Well, the wind finally won out and drove me back indoors. I'll be so glad to move back to California. Sure, we have the Santa Anas out there, but they don't blow all damned year, nearly every damned day. I see that the temp is now 87 degrees. What a waste, and after such a cold winter! I'm afraid this cold is settling in my left ear. God knows I don't want to go through what I did 9 years ago when I had triple infections in each ear and was totally deaf for about six weeks. So far, there's no pain, so that's good.

I hate being inside when it's so beautiful out. Damn, damn, damn.