This Old Spouse: Thoughts That Arise During a Move

1. Was it really easier to hammer that cup hook flat than to screw it out of the window's crown molding?

2. Although popular in the late 1980s and early '90s, that forest green on all of the old woodwork was a bad idea.

3. Plastic and brass modern chandeliers are never, and have never been, in good taste.

4. Drilling a cable hole in the wall and adding two wall plates is a whole lot easier than leading, draping and stapling cable along walls, under doors, and over closet door sills.

5. Barf pink is not the new peach.

6. It takes all of five seconds to put a switch plate on straight.

7. Dude, we found those (unused) condoms hidden in the Marlboro box.

8. Baroque music makes painting go a lot faster, and ELO and Queen make it more fun.

9. There's nothing like a cherry limeade from Sonic in the middle of a hot painting and cleaning day. You don't have to get out of your car and gross people out.

10. There's a sort of pride one gets walking through Lowe's wearing paint-covered, holey Levis and a paint-spattered Hawaiian shirt with a screw driver in the front pocket and a tape measure clipped onto your waistband.

11. Drinking that one beer while taking a rest on the front porch is the best feeling in the world.

12. Saying one is going to paint and getting one's ass up to go do it are two different things. I think I'll stall a bit longer; I wouldn't want to miss seeing Nettl when she comes home for lunch.