Before the After

I promise that not every post will be about the cottage. Really. But today, I want to show you some pictures I took yesterday. These are Before pictures. Later, after we've moved in, I'll post Afters. Remember that the place has not been painted since 1998 and that since then, the tenants have been only college students. Remember too that I really wish we could pull up the carpet. Also, the workmen's crap is still in there (the two guys who put on the new roof have been sleeping there and some of their crap is still littering the place). Then, account for painting, cleaning the windows until they sparkle, and removing the makeshift cable wiring. You know how students are. This place has great potential and great bones. If we ever bought it, I'd gut the entire kitchen area and make it larger.

NOTE: The color chips (linked) might not look the same on your computer!

Looking from the mud room through
the kitchen and dining room
to the living room.
  • Paint - Fishnet SR310 (medium sage).
  • Replace overhead light with something like this.
  • Clean hardware, cabinets & drawers.
  • Add down lights to cabinet.
The living room (from the dining room).
Not really as tiny as it looks.
The dining room
(from the living room).
Dining room window
(the area is large enough for a table
that seats 6-8, comfortably).
  • Same paint as the living room.
  • Change out that hideous ceiling light with one like this.
  • Same curtains as the living room.
  • There's a built-in planter under the windows, which I will fill with some of my plants.
Master Bath (Ugh!)
But the tub - Yes!
(the bathroom also has a
huge shower to the
right of the vanity)
  • Paint - "Boathouse Blue MS309" with white trim (colors can be seen in the 2nd linked image below).
  • Replace vanity light fixture & mirror.
  • Remove ugly miniblinds.
  • Lace panels.
  • We have a blue and white area rug that we're going to use to kind of hide the green carpet.

That's all for today. We're on our way over to the house now so that I can take more pictures and show it to the guys.