Signing Off

This will be my last entry until we get reconnected to the internet. It shouldn't be long, but I'm sure it will be a few days. I'll probably go to Hastings if the process is going to take longer than three days. There, I can order a cappuccino and use their Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, back in the Crap and Corruption Department, it turns out we won't have any help moving tomorrow after all. This has acted as the final straw for my health. My thyroid issues are so bad right now that I'm seriously concerned. I'll be very little help, which leaves Nettl and Micah to do nearly everything, including moving a 900 pound piano. Joel and I will do everything we can, but I'm already predicting that it'll take me a month or more to feel well again (such as that is anyway, since 58% became my new 100% last year). Oh well, it'll get done and I'll be back online as soon as possible.