Driving in the Dark

In about an hour I'll be leaving to take our friend, Dr. Kielbasa (professor of Music History at OSU) to the airport in Tulsa. He has to be there at 4:30 am. It's a little over an hour's drive each way, but I don't mind doing him the favor at all. The only part I remotely dread is the ride home alone...

The Cimarron Turnpike is dark and eerie late at night because there's no one else on the road and there are no lights anywhere. Plus, you have to keep your eyes open for wildlife. It's a taxing drive at night. The toll booth just this side of Tulsa is always a welcome sight because there are actual people to take your fare.

Well, I'll keep my music on and I'll be fine. Just hope that I don't break down for some reason. I seriously sense Indian spirits out there whenever I drive it alone at night (I used to work in Tulsa and often didn't get home until well after dark).

See you when I get back!
UPDATE: Micah's going with me! He's part Indian, so we'll be safe. ;)
UPDATE #2: Got home safe and sound. It was fun! Oh, yeah, the AC is working. When I walked in the house it was like an ice box and I had to turn it down!