Is It a Bulletted List if There Are No Bullets?

So it took me a couple days longer to recover from our weekend painting bender, but I'm okay now and I've learned a valuable lesson:

~  No 12-hour days, especially two in a row, dumb ass! Really, I can't believe that I think I can still push myself like that. That's the problem with aging. The person inside us is always the age we were at our prime, and the body gets the sour end of the deal.

~  Nettl has been selling the kids' outgrown furniture like a fiend on Craigslist. Hey, cash in hand + fewer things to move = smart lady!

~  Today, I'm going to the cottage to finish the dining room windows (they've been primered, but not painted) and Joel's bedroom door (it's been primered and painted, but it needs a second coat). Nothing else though. I'm not that okay yet.

~  You know what I don't get? How so many people think alot and readmore are legitimate compound words. I see others like this on the web, but I can't remember them right now. And why is bedroom okay, but not diningroom or livingroom? Here on my Blogger post page, the last two have the spellcheck's little red dotted line beneath them, but the first one doesn't. Makes no sense to me.

Sorry if this appears kind of like a bulleted list. It's my bed time (bedtime) and I wanted to get a post up.

That sounded nasty.

It's Wednesday? Really? Wow, I thought it was Thursday. Usually, I miss a day, not add one.