The Mosquito Blues

We had a great time at Dr. Kielbasa's on the 4th of July, but the weather turned scary. The sky turned that sickly greenish yellow that signals a potential tornado, and we eventually got chased inside by a lot of rain, but in the meantime, we shot off our own fireworks, ate until we were stuffed, then Micah and I got our guitars out and jammed. Everyone was in fine form...

The next day, however, I awoke with a huge mosquito welt over my left eyebrow. And I mean huge. If you make a letter "C" with your forefinger and thumb, that's how big around the welt is. Today, it extends from just below my hairline to my eye (which is partially closed), and from the middle of my forehead all the way to my temple. And it's sore! I haven't scratched it or anything, and I'm using AfterBite® on it, but I'm also experiencing flu-like symptoms. Hashimoto's. Pfeh. Glad I don't have to go out anywhere.

Here's a picture from Saturday night:

Ville ("Cheese!") Micah & Joel