Too Close For Comfort

Yesterday afternoon Nettl and I went out to take a look at the property on Yost Road, which is nly about two miles from here. It was wonderful! Ten acres, a large pond with a pier, trees, no housing developments. Everything a family would want... except that the house was a small dual-wide. And not even one of those nice dual-wides with a bay window and a deck. It was awful. Pity.

What impressed me was the line of charred prairie grass we saw, evidence that Thursday's wildfires had jumped the road. Before we saw the house I said to Nettl, "Maybe it's like in 'Garp': the chances of that happening here again are infintessimal!" Too bad the house was such a disappointment. Goodbye picnics, goodbye fishing, goodbye porch swing, goodbye screen door. Oh well. There are other houses, but the image of the charred land will stay with me forever.